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Board Members:


Judith Bodden (Secretary), Bill Brendler, Ron Bull, Gary Hess,     

Nicole Jahr, Gloria Simley, Don Taylor (Treasurer), Judy Taylor,          Mary Tygum, Ann Waidelich (President & Curator), Willie Weidemann




Individual            $15

Household           $25

Contributor          $50

Sustainer             $75

Patron                $100

Lifetime              $1,000


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P.O. Box 6704

Monona, WI 53716




-8 rooms of Victorian clothing and furnishings

-History files: people, places, events

-Blooming Grove tax records

-Blooming Grove cemetery records

-Maps, photographs, books

School Tours:

HBGHS offers interactive and educational tours for local 2nd and 3rd grade classes, giving students a taste of what everyday life was like in the 1800s without modern conveniences such as heat, electricity, and toilets.  HBGHS has also published a children's book, A Trip Back in Time: Exploring Life Long Ago at the Dean House, which is used as a teaching tool in area schools.  To learn more about the book please visit "A Trip Back in Time" under the "Publications" tab. 

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