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Blooming Grove Cemetery on Pflaum Road is another reminder of the pioneer days of the area. This small tract of land located east of LaFollette High School includes a mass grave for some of the Confederate soldiers who died while at Camp Randall during the early years of the Civil War. It is not known why they were transported here rather than to Forest Hill Cemetery, where 140 of their comrades are buried.


























Cemetery map with lot numbers

Jean LaGue first recorded the complete set of inscriptions for the cemetery in 1984-85 and rechecked her records in 1989.  Her notes follow:

The oldest inscription in the cemetery is that of Thomas Sawyer, who according to the 1880 Biography of Dane County died the 20th of May 1848. The stone is of granite and so may have been erected later.

There are many unmarked graves, including several that are enclosed by a fence. There are also a few old stones that were too worn to read. Some of the abbreviations that I used are as follows:


d or dys or ds=days
d/o=daughter of
h/o=husband of

m or mar=married
m or mos or ms=months
s/o=son of

w/o=wife of
y or yrs or ys=years
-- = not carved

Please click on the PDF icon below to view a complete listing of the Blooming Grove Cemetery records arranged alphabetically by surname. 

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