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5805-5807 Winnequah Road


A honeymoon rowing trip from Madison down the Yahara River in August, 1906, for newlyweds Ray and Theo Pickford Owen brought them to camp on the southeast shore of Lake Monona. Five years later Owen, a young engineering professor at the University, and his wife gathered field stones from nearby land along Squaw Bay, to construct the fireplace for their summer cottage. The summer cottage was a simple one-story wood shingled structure typical of Bungalow style. It had a living room with fieldstone fireplace surrounded on two sided by a screened porch and a lean-to kitchen. Canvas awning rolled down to protect the summer inhabitants from storms. Boats were the primary means of transportation then, and a long pier ran from the open water through the marshy area to the oakwooded slope where the cottage stood. In 1932 P. Theron Woolsen, an architect from Winnetka, III., and a friend of the Owens, designed another "addition." This time a complete winterized house was added, connected to the cottage by a sewing room and main entrance hall. The new structure consisted of a living room, dining alcove, kitchen, master bedroom and bath.

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