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(Pflaum-McWilliams Group)

802 Femrite Drive


Six linear mounds and one panther effigy associated with the Late Woodland Stage are located on a high glacial drumlin.  Early settlers remember this area as a hill completely covered with woods except that the mounds had no trees on them.  Surrounding the drumlin was open countryside with marsh and open water to the south.  The small marsh in the conservancy is a remnant of this once much larger wetland).  Three very long linears follow the crest of the hill.  They have been somewhat shortened at both ends by farming and highway construction.  Originally another linear followed the hill crest to the north of the existing group, and a conical mound and another very long linear mound extended to the south.  The southern mounds were destroyed by construction of a farmstead, as was another curved linear mound that once existed at the southern end of the group.  On the northwest slope of the drumlin are three more linear mounds and a well-preserved panther effigy. 

To reach the mounds, start from the Edna Taylor Conservancy parking lot off Femrite Drive and walk north along the main path.  The linear mounds extend along the side of the path and the panther effigy is to the right of the path near the north end of the mound group. 

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