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2930 Lakeland Avenue


Built in 1908 in the colonial revival style, this large frame house has two fronts-one facing Oakridge Ave. and the other facing Lakeland Ave. Both facades are basically symmetrical around central entrances. The Lakeland side is more formal, with sidelights, an elliptical fan light decorating the doorway and a gabled-roof porch on Ionic columns. The Oakridge side features side-lights at the doorway, sheltered by a pent-roofed hood. A large semi-circular window lights the second story. The house was designed for Edward and Eliza Riley by their son, Frank Riley. Edward was a prominent local businessman who served as the president of the shortlived Village of Fair Oaks. Frank Riley studied architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In Madison, Riley developed a successful practice and designed, among other buildings, the Madison Club, the Maple Bluff Country Club, Madison East High School, First Church of Christ, Scientist and the Security State Bank. Frank Riley lived in this house from 1918 until his death in 1949.

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