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5310 Schluter Road


Around 1901 Fred Schluter purchased the property, which included approximately 150 acres. He grew cash crops of corn and wheat and kept his dairy cows in the barn north of the house. The cows grazed on the land where Maywood School now stands. Typical of farm houses of the time, the frame structure had a living room, parlor and kitchen downstairs, and two bedrooms upstairs. A later addition provided a large country kitchen and front porch downstairs and two more bedrooms above. Prior to Schluter, the land was owned by several others including George Nichols, Nathaniel Dean, George Kalbfleisch, and Conrad Steinmetz, as well as R. D. Frost in 1855.


Schluter Park on Winnequah Rd. was named in honor of a descendant, George R. Schluter, the only Monona man killed in WWII. The Schluter name was also given to the Monona street that passes the original house. Much of the original farm land is now occupied by City of Monona facilities, including the Community Center, City Hall, Library, Winnequah Park, Winnequah Middle School and Maywood Elementary School.

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