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Brandt Road north of Highway 12 & 18


The last round barn in the area is located on Brandt Road (County Highway AB) across the street from the Hope Lutheran Church, about a mile north of Highway 12 & 18. It was erected in 1901 by William Witte, and was designed by Prof. Franklin Hiram King, head of soils physics at the University of Wisconsin, who was devoted to helping farmers. It had many advantages, was more easily ventilated, and was supposed to withstand the winds and weather better. The barn has since been covered with corrugated metal, but still stands although giving way slowly, and like others of its kind in Wisconsin, its days seem to be numbered. After William's death in 1942, the youngest of four sons took over the buildings and acreage. He owned it for 12 years making it a "Century Farm." In 1962 the entire farm was sold to the City of Madison, which later included it in the development of the Yahara Hills Golf Course. The Interstate bisected the land in 1960-61 and all buildings were razed.

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