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(Tompkins-Brindler Group)

5800 block Monona Drive


Located on the slope of this City of Monona Park, the Monona municipal water tower rises from one end of the Tompkins-Brindler group location. Two linear mounds remain (200 and 201 feet long), although the end of one had been truncated by farming; both mounds are about ten feet wide and three feet high and are now part of Woodland Park. These two linear mounds are all that remains of the subgroup of four linears that, in turn, was part of the Tompkins-Brindler/Nichols mound group that used to stretch south-west for almost half a mile. The combined group used to have 13 or 14 linear mounds and one conical.  The Nichols part of the group has since been completely destroyed.

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